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This site is for anyone interested in learning, teaching, contributing anything about Strongyloides – diagnosis, treatment, research – anything. Join this group and share your experiences or work on this very unusual and interesting helminth.

What is Strongyloides?

Strongyloidiasis is a treatable chronic infectious disease caused by tiny roundworms Strongyloides stercoralis. In Australia it affects residents, staff and visitors of remote communities; refugees and migrants from other countries where it is endemic; and returned travelers and service personnel who have visited other countries where it is endemic. Often it is a life-long and a chronic sub-clinical infection unless eliminated from the body by effective treatment and follow-up. Most patients are unaware that they carry this worm, but when it develops into the severe form of the disease, it becomes life threatening. It is usually triggered by treatment of an infected person with  corticosteroid drugs and other drugs that suppress the immune response to the worms.